Class Descriptions

Yoga 101with Ropes
This class covers the basics of yoga – how to breath, move with your breath and the classic postures. We keep it simple and focus on proper alignment. It’s great for beginners and those who want to focus on alignment. As we hold the poses longer, you will gain strength in your muscles especially your core and arms.

Yin Yoga

This class is perfect for anyone with tightness in the hips, back or shoulders. Poses are done on the floor and held for 3-4 minutes allowing the muscles to relax so the connective tissue or fascia can release creating more flexibility and mobility.  Yin Yoga perfect for beginners and those who need to take a break from other forms of yang activities, allowing the body time relax while we quieten and focus the mind. We use lots of props to make sure you can truly let go.

Yoga Fit - Yang and Yin

You love yoga but want strength in your upper body, core and legs. This class starts with some joint mobility and breath focus followed by sun salutations. We then move through a circuit of exercises to strengthen the key yoga muscles using one minute intervals. There is some yin time to stretch deep into your joints and we finish with pranayama and a short meditation.

Mandala Flow
These classes are for those who want to build strength and flexibility while flowing with their breath through yoga poses. We work on a specific element; earth, water, fire or air and move around the mat in a flowing sequence. We end with yin poses designed to release deep tightness in our joints.

Morning Warrior
This class is for anyone with a desire to build strength and flexibility but who wants to feel calm and centered for the day ahead. Expect sun salutations, ujayyi breathing, standing poses, twists and inversions. The sequence is 90% the same so you can chart your progress over time. Not suggested for beginners though all are welcome.